What is Glaze Prosthetics?

Glaze is the simplest system for both below and above elbow amputees as far as the operating of the prosthetic is concerned it’s a new approach to functionality and design.

Why do we need workshops and CPO’s?

Your role in the creation process is crucial. Well suited, accurate measurements and flawless preparation of the prosthetic socket will give full satisfaction to our patients. We already have the best prosthetic; what we need is your sockets to complete each design. You can either create a socket for us, or get our prosthetic and offer them to your clients. Let’s talk; we’re sure we can cooperate!

Three reasons why you should cooperate with Glaze!

Until the patient uses the socket of your production, you will receive a fair share for every prosthetic matching that socket they get from Glaze.

The system is really easy: all orders are placed online but only the first Glaze goes to your workshop. After that the patients receive every other Glaze straight to their homes. Still, you are set with constant and steady income.

You get know-how and clients from us. You just develop the prosthetic socket and benefit from it.

Become our partner!

Glaze is the simplest yet the most effective prosthetic system on the market. Do you want to be a part of it? Do you have any questions? Fill the form below and contact us.