As a real-life superhero, you need proper equipment. The only thing that limits you is your imagination: the shape, colours, design and accessories depend only on you.

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Getting a suitable prosthetic is a drag. Producers prepare few models and expect them to fit everyone. We know it’s not right. That’s why we created GLAZE.

No more pain

Individual adjustment will make you happy– nothing will hurt, scratch or irritate your skin!

No more heavy lifting

Glaze is as light as a feather, and wearing it is a pure pleasure.

No more tight, loose, unmatched prosthetics

Every piece we create is customized and suited to your needs. It will always fit perfectly and feel comfortable.

No more easily damaged and broken cosmetic prosthetics

Glaze is made out of resistant, almost indestructible materials that will serve you for years without a scratch.

No more dirty stains

The surface of Glaze is easy to clean with a regular dish soap or any other cleaning product.

No more dreadful - looking models

Glaze just looks incredible. You will design it yourself: colours, features, everything!

No more compromises!

Do you want to have the possibility to paint your nails, get a tattoo or other body modification? We will make it possible.


Change your prosthetic in few seconds accordingly to the situation: from business meeting to swimming training. One socket – multiple options.

did you know that..


of amputees in the USA alone are forced to live without a prosthetic because there’s nothing suitable for them on the market.


of users don’t wear them regularly, because they are too heavy, uncomfortable or low quality.


The number of producers who develop fully individualized cosmetic prosthetics: Glaze.

Colours of your choosing

Crafted to individual needs

Light and
resistant materials

Fully customized



Compartment to store smartphone

Fin hand for swimming

Hand for bike riding

Hand with Bluetooth loudspeaker

Movable finger joints

Smart casual – simple steady business hand

Hand for boxing

Tattoo skin

Possibility to paint nails

Silicon hand – coming soon

Hand for cooking

Movable thumb

and many more ...

just ask us!

You are already a real-life super hero, but even Batman and Ironman needed hi-tech equipment. That’s why we’ve created Glaze. We believe that the brave people we meet every day deserve great gear that reflects their personality and allows them to enjoy their passions. No matter if you like sports or fashion, we will deliver!

We don’t believe in generic things. Our prosthetics are fully individualized for every customer. With Glaze you can be a party animal with a loudspeaker in your hand or Aqua(wo)man with a fin hand. You create yourself, and only your imagination limits you!

The Glaze Team

Hi! My name is Piotr. I’m a cook, charity worker and personal trainer. I don’t need a prosthetic limb to be active. I need it to help showcase who I am, a symbol of individuality. Often people see that I am missing an arm, and instead of looking for sympathy from them, I want them to look at me and see this prosthetic as something visionary and unique, and as an element of who I am.

Glaze is the only place in the entire world which allowed me to have a say in how the prosthetic would look, how it could help me function, and especially how it could set me apart from others with or without prosthetic limbs. What are you waiting for? Instead of feeling down about lacking a limb, turn this into an opportunity and let Glaze help you express your individuality and enhance mobility. I mean, look at this cool arm I have now!

Piotr Sajdak, MasterChef cook, marathon runner, activist


I used to own one of those ugly cosmetic prosthetics for a while, but It looked terrible and felt even worse. Glaze literally gave me a second hand. I can make my nails pretty and, honestly, everyone wants to touch it!

Hanna, 18

I was embarrassed by lacking a limb. With Glaze I gained not only an arm, but also confidence. Now I get “wows”, even from strangers, and I bring the party with me everywhere I go – I got a built-in speaker and a compartment for my smartphone.

Kate, 27

Trust Glaze, they absolutely know what they are doing. I’ve never seen a more detailed prosthetic, and they will grant you every wish you have. I have a tattoo appointment scheduled already, and I don’t have my healthy arm in mind.

Tom, 43

How do i order glaze

Pick your favourite design and colours on our website.

Add contacts to your prosthetic workshop. They will prepare the socket for you according to our guidelines. If you don’t have a prosthetics specialists yet, don’t worry! We will help you to find one.

Provide us with information about your socket. If you don’t have it, we will contact your prosthetics technicians about the details.

Pick up your first glaze in the prosthetic workshop. Try it on. CPO will show you how to use it. Enjoy. The next Glaze you purchase will come straight to your doorstep.