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Meet our sports and smart model.


We know that every Glaze user is unique - with different passions, sense of style, interests and goals it’s impossible to make just one, generic prosthetic to suit all the users.

We provide you with the best quality product - beautifully crafted, light and easy to put on and take off prosthetic made of super resistant material. You can change your Glaze from one model to another in seconds - anytime and anywhere you want. It’s customized as far as the shape and size are concerned and each one is suitable for individual needs. It won’t hurt, scratch or cause discomfort. It looks incredible and feels incredible.

Make it yours

As important as having a prosthetic that is useful, it’s important that it should complete the individual look of the user - it should help you express yourself and make your personality pop. With Glaze, it’s you, who decides on the way the prosthetic looks like - from the overall design, choosing different kinds of finishing and colours to deciding on the awesome built-in accessories. So, just go ahead and start choosing on how your dream gear will look like!

Ferrari Ferrari


Matte, gloss, rough print, silicone, pattern or… leather? Choose from a variety of different finishing types


  • Angular control
  • Mechanism intechgability
  • Rotation

Our prosthetics are made in order to serve you best. They’re easy to put on and take off - it takes seconds to switch from one prosthetic to another, so you can change your prosthetic anytime and anywhere you want!


Don’t hesitate, order your prosthetic now!

Customize your prosthetic with a set of awesome accessories that suit your needs. Built-in speaker, power bank or a space for your phone. Take a look at all the possibilities.