You know what is really important for you to love your prosthesis truly? 

We bet you do. Beside cool Glaze Prosthetics arm it's your individual prosthetic socket what's substantial! It's really important that the socket you're wearing is nice and comfy - made specifically for you, with full contact supporting the suspension of the prosthesis.

To make such a piece of art it's important for your technician to give all their love while making plaster negative. He should take in account any residual scar tissue, bony structures, range of motion and many other significant matters for your socket to be truly perfect. Don't forget about materials! They're almost as important as the shape of socket itself!

What's excellent is that we live in 21st century and you can have wide range of posible choices: there are silicone and gel liners, HTV and RTV idividual silicone sockets, thermoplastics and even more! 

Consult your technician for the most suitable system for you!